Vulnerable Population

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Social and Environmental Profile
Cultural, Social and Economic Impact
Vulnerable Populations
Southern Florida has a large migrant farm worker population that could be negatively impacted by food shortages and thus labor shortages across the state and county. These individuals rely on the income made through harvesting in order to provide for their families and are often the most marginalized in society.
Low income residents will also be impacted if aerial spraying continues in the region. Food shortages are likely to hit the entire population and those at the bottom will be the ones most impacted by the rise in food and produce costs. With the inability to provide food for their families, these groups will seek assistance from already strained
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Each of these natural resources are a backbone for both Florida’s agricultures but also for its ecological standing. Areas such as the wetlands and marshes, including mangrove populations, are impacted by how aquatic species are thriving. With the chemicals in Naled and other pesticides killing lower life aquatic species, this impacts the fish population and all the predators of the fish population. Marine life is also negatively impacted, including costal reefs, because the chemical compounds in pesticides impact water quality for marine life. Finally produce such as citrus fruit, fruit producing plants and sugar cane are all impacted by the lack of bees to pollinate. This will lead to export shortages and economic struggles for the state of …show more content…
These religious leaders might also become allies in promoting the environmental health of the community along with the wellbeing of their direct congregations.
Environmentalists and Biologists
This group is important to monitor the impact that has been done to the environment and how it is changing. Under this section should specifically be marine biologist to monitor the impact the chemicals from aerial spraying has on aquatic life and to be able to run water treatment testing. There should also be a zoonotic disease specialist to inform communities of how the spread of Zika began and how to prevent further infections in communities. Finally there should be environmentalist groups such as NORA on the team in order to inform how the One Health approach can be best utilized in the communities affected.

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