Public Administrators At The Texas Department Of State Health Services

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(Seclarig, 2015)) or just go out of business. With half of the clinics in Texas closing their doors and more than 22,000 women left without any meaningful access to abortions, hundreds of personnel might be put out of work. (Khazan, 2014)
Public administrators at the Texas Department of State Health Services who are responsible for the implementation the policy are also the stakeholders. Acting on behalf of the public agency it is the individuals, who ultimately make decisions within the organization. Such decisions might contradict not only their personal beliefs, but the interests of the public they serve as well. Confronted with a conflict of principles, how is the administrator supposed to find balance between his responsibility to implement the policy and public interest, which it clearly goes against? It might be argued that the role of public administrators is to apply the policy, rather than to attempt to interpret its moral intent. (Geuras & Garofalo, 2011, p. 172) Nevertheless, their decisions would have significant impact on life and wellbeing of many, therefore ethical deliberations are unavoidable for them.
Successful implementation of such controversial abortion policy in Texas might become an example for other conservative states who have been trying to curb abortions for decades. This would have a devastating effect on women’s rights and women’s welfare in those states.
Application of Unified Ethics
Now we will look at the ethics of the legislature that…

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