Psychosocial Theory Of Development : Eight Stages Of Life Spam

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Ericksons psychosocial theory of development has eight stages of life spam. The first one being trust vs. mistrust, Ericksons explains how This stage begins at birth to 12 months of age. Throughout this stage infant learn to either trust or mistrust and adult depending on the care they are given. . Therefore, A baby will either see the world as a safe or unsafe place depending on the caregiver. Parents who do meet the infant needs, will result in them feeling secure even when they are being threatene. rents who are unresponsive to meet a baby needs a feeling safe can lead to feelings of anxiety, fear, and mistrust to other relationships. Moreover, The second stage would be autonomy versus shame/Dell, this stage is from 1 to 3 years of age. This stage is when toddlers would like to explore their world, this stage is the “ me do it” stage. For example, a toddler wants to eat by themselves without an assistant. Such action and input in des ion making which thrives independence. If a toddler is denied it may result in low self esteem and feeling ashamed. Initiative vs. guilt age 3-5, at this age kids want to explore, plan, and achieve goals while interacting with other children. Children who are praised for this matter will develop self-confidence and purpose. While those who are denied will develop guilt. Industry vs inferiority age 5-12 at this stage the child begins to compare themselves with other children and want to develop pride and accomplishment at home, school, or in…

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