The Five Stages Of Client

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Description of Client The client that came in for counseling presented a couple of issues about her, she is 39 and Caucasian. Some have underlying meaning, which lead back to her childhood, other issues accumulated through adulthood with marriage and family. She feels that she is a “good wife” and “good mother.” The client also expresses how she always gives and gives until there is very little to give anymore. She feels very down, anxious, and does not really know where to go or what to do in life anymore. The patient feels unappreciated from her husband and kids and basically worthless on an individual level. She wants to start her career in teaching, which is what she went to school for. The client got her degree in elementary education …show more content…
The oral stage is the stage that starts when first born. The client describes her relationship with her father as rigid and her relationship with her mother as critical. As the therapist it is to my attention that the bond that Freud states should be made unconsciously was not made at this age. This caused confusion from the beginning with the client, causing her to feel confusion unconsciously as a newborn with the sexuality that is suppose to take place with the oral stage. Secondly, the phallic stage, this is the stage of sexual confusion, which relates to the patient’s issues because, as a child and developing there was an incident when she was six. She stated that she was playing doctor with her brother and her father came in scolding her, lecturing her, and would not speak to her for weeks. Details were not given, but considering the father believed it was not right, it can be assumed that she unconsciously had sexual desires, which is what Freud states phallic stage is. This made the client very confused, ashamed and guilty, which in turn caused her to feel guilty into her adolescence and repress her own sexuality. Thirdly, the genital stage, this is the stage where the child develops sexually and normal heterosexual relationships. The client’s history states she was known as “weird” and was not allowed to date until after high school. Therefore, she married the first person she ever dated at nineteen. Unconsciously, the client was not able to develop normally in this stage. The patient longed for this stage her whole life. She repressed any thoughts of sexual conduct or heterosexual relations until she was nineteen. However, consciously she loves her husband and family, but unconsciously the reason she cannot find herself could be because she longing to see what else is out there. She was unable to live and develop normally as a teen or young adult. The client had longed for

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