Psychological Predictors Of Problem Mobile Phone Use Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… In the article Psychological Predictors of Problem Mobile Phone Use,[5] the authors says that there are also concerns that some mobile phone users incur considerable debt, and that mobile phones are being used to violate privacy, and to harass others. In particular, there is increasing evidence that mobile phones are being used as a tool by children to bully other children. There is another good case to support the addictive quality of extensive mobile phone use. According to a study[7] by Lisa J. Melo, PhD, and Amanda M. Stone, from the University of Florida, in Gainesville, they found that: Cellular Technologies Addiction Scale(CTAS)[3][4] scores (measuring dependence) ranged from 26 to 117 (mean, 62.6 ± 18.5) and were normally distributed. This suggests that the tendency to display cell-phone dependence symptoms (eg, greater comfort when able to use the phone, compulsion to spend more time on the phone than desired, and emotional attachment to the phone) varies within the general population. You might see a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) who is using the phone to check things, or you might see a person with social phobia who is using the phone to avoid interaction with …show more content…
They can cause excessive debt and anxiety. But there are several ways to overcome cell phone addiction. The ways getting over addiction of Smartphone are actually very various and may be personal or biased. However, whatever you choose, it would be help you from addiction. First, a person must limit usage. For example, people can limit the time how much time should be devoted to the phone unless it is ringing or vibrating. They could limit the time of googling the internet to two hours a day and feel free in this time. At first, they may need to put the device somewhere like in the bag that they are not going to be conscious of. The next important thing is to stop downloading Application Software that may attract people to use the phone more.Application Software are a cool thing, but they increase phone addiction. Furthermore, one can put the phone down and begin participating in in outdoor activities. This diverts the mind from focusing on the phone. In order to overcome an addiction, people need to remember the damage phone addiction can do. In the article Coping with Cell Phone Addiction, there are seven treatments of overcoming addiction of

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