Drugs And Substance Abuse Essay

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Many substances that are abused are drugs; which are used by many addicts. They include marijuana, narcotics, and methamphetamines, which are highly addictive and can be very fatal to the persons health. “A psychological dependence is difficult to handle because it takes place in the abuser 's mind, which no one can see. It is what keeps the addict a slave to a habit. The abuser 's mind has become so adapted to the effects of the drug that the abuser requires its continued use to satisfy emotional and personality needs” (Langone 10). Marijuana, also known as the gateway drug, which can be smoked, causes a person’s central nervous system to slow down. It’s very popular among the use of teenagers and has many names like; weed, pot, and grass. It is very addictive and causes a high for a person, but the person soon craves more of that high and they begin to try other drugs with harsher consequences on their health. Narcotics, which include heroin, opiates, and morphine, are also very addictive. For example, when a person gets in a car accident and gets severely injured must take painkillers to help with the pain, but they can cause someone to become …show more content…
Substances can include alcohol, other types of drugs, things that can be smoked, and tobacco. Alcohol abuse starts as a teenager. Partying, mental disorders, like depression, and being in an environment where alcohol is used a lot of the time can lead to a life of alcohol abuse. Signs of abuse in a person may include: loss of natural rewards, escalation, uncontrolled use, time devoted to drug, tolerance, withdrawal, and continued harm (Stoehr). As the person continues to age, their abuse continues to become worse because they are using much more due to their higher tolerance to the substance. These can cause more damage to the person’s health and the person can have a greater chance of overdosing on the substance because of their higher tolerance resulting in

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