Prescription Drug Abuse Essay

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The nation’s fastest drug problem is prescription drug abuse. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), prescription drug abuse is the second most abused drug on the market, with marijuana being the first most abused drug. Prescription drug abuse is starts out for most people as legal medical necessity, but then drastically turns to an illegal use the more time one uses the drug. In 2009, studies show that nearly one-third of the people over the age of twelve who used drugs for the first time began by using a prescription drug non-medically. In addition, more than seventy percent of all prescription drug abusers obtain the drugs from family members or friends, whereas five percent of the users obtained the drugs from …show more content…
Research has been done and many people use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is legal in some states and business is thriving. However, marijuana is one of the most produced, consumed and trafficked recreational drug.

The U.S. government’s war on drugs was launched over 40 years ago by President Nixon, who policymakers believed that tough law enforcement actions against those involved in illegal drug manufacturing, distribution, and drug use would lead to a dwindling drug market in controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. The war on drugs has been in our history and almost a daily segment on the local and world news for years. Chinese immigrants passed the first anti-opium laws in the 1870’s. In the early 1900’s the first anti-cocaine laws were passed in the South, and was directed toward African American males. During 1910 and 1920’s, the Midwest and Southwest was the first to pass anti-marijuana laws and focused on Mexican migrants and Mexican Americans. Today, African American and Latino communities are still the subject of wildly disproportionate drug enforcement and tough sentencing laws. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed making the possession and use of marijuana a

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