Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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Nowadays, it is a normal phenomenon for young people to drink alcohol wherever they are having party or just releasing stress. But in this country, underage drinking is illegal and it will do harm to teenagers’ body health. As a part of young people, when we notice that there is an alcohol party which is hold by young people, we usually will not remind or warn them. On the contrary, few of us would join in this party, and it is totally wrong in this way. Young people should not drink under the legal age and they should be punished and responsible for the effects to themselves and even this society.
Why Young People Start to Drink
But how could young people start to drink? As we know liquor is not like a good taste juice, it is spicy, sour and even bitter. The first time I tasted liquor I was not able to accept the flavor as many girls do. (drinking is legal in any age in my country) Also, normally we cannot master the knowledge of different kinds of liquor, such as the taste or color. So that means young people drinking liquor does not due to the taste. Research shows that by the time a child reaches five years of age, they have already formed basic attitudes and opinions about alcohol. Teenagers learn about alcohol through their own experiences, and observing the effects of drinking on family, friends and
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An example here is that I have a friend who was upset one time and she tried to use alcohol to make herself feel better, but she got an important exam second day. She was so drunk that night and almost lost her mind. After that she got hangover and looks so bad, and she absolutely failed the exam. I believe that is the reason why underage drinking is illegal in America, because young people lack of the skill of self-control. So they will become addicted with alcohol easily. Also they still are not able to be responsible for the serious

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