The Importance Of Drug Use And Crime

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A significant number of offenders have been convicted of drug related offenses, many of which have entered the United States’ court system, jails, and prisons. Of these offenders many are suffering from drug related addictions (Journal of Experimental Criminology). Drug use and crime have continuously been of increasing concern. Drug abuse is becoming much more prevalent, as drugs are becoming more readily accessible. Research shows that incarceration of offenders charged with drug-related crimes has had very little impact on recidivism rates (Journal of Experimental Criminology). Incarceration of such offenders has also not been found to sufficiently concentrate on the treatment needs faced by these particular individuals. The criminal justice system has in time, advanced its’ efforts to assist non-violent offenders through alternatives to incarceration. By shifting the focus from incarcerating substance abusers to one of treatment, an effort to promote positive change and reduce recidivism could be accomplished (Journal of Experimental Criminology). With that being said, should drug …show more content…
Drug offenders participating in a drug court have the support and treatment available that is necessary for recovery. Overall, drug court graduates had an increase in productive activities after completion of the program. (Evaluation & Program Planning). Studies show that such graduates are less likely to reoffend than those sentenced to traditional correctional options. Unfortunately, drug courts only serve a fraction of offenders that are in need of such treatment. In order to prevent substance abuse offenders from committing future drug related crimes, drug courts must be successfully implemented in all needed locations throughout the United States at a community-based alternative. Continuance and expansion of drug court is one step closer to positive change and prevention of future

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