Persuasive Essay Addiction

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How would you feel if your family was torn apart, due to addictions to prescription medication? People do not seem to realize how dangerous prescription drug abuse can be. There are more and more people everyday getting addicted to prescription drugs. Yet, no one seems to try to put a stop to it. People of all ages can get addicted, teenagers, adults, or even kids. Addiction is a very dangerous thing. It not only hurts the people who are addicted, but it hurts the people around them too. Yes, it is possible to get help for addiction, but it’s not an easy or cheap process to go through. So why start it in the first place? People should stop completely depending on prescription medication and start to rely more on natural helpers. Addiction …show more content…
There are basically just too many prescription drugs being given out. The people who go “doctor shopping” need to be put to a stop. Doctors should stop just giving out prescriptions to anyone who comes in, and instead try to find out what 's wrong with them and then give the patient a prescription if needed. If pharmacies had better security than prescriptions would not fall into the wrong hands of people. Doctors really need more restrictions on prescriptions. If doctors only gave out prescriptions for serious issues, then there probably would not be as many problems with addiction. Pill mills are a very serious issue, if they were shut down and taken care of properly, that would be one more thing that police would not have to worry about. Prescriptions generally have a high pill count, doctors need to lower that pill count because if there are more pills than what a person really needs, there is nothing stopping that person from taking all of the pills when they only need part of them. If there were more restrictions on giving out prescriptions not as many people would be getting addicted to the drugs. There are people who do not necessarily care about prescription drug abuse and there are people who are completely against it. But no matter what anyone 's opinion is, there will be no stopping prescription drug abuse until someone stands up and makes a

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