Essay On The Fight Against Narcotics

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The Fight Against Narcotics
Ruben Hinojosa, a graduate from Texas State University, acquired a degree in Criminal Justice; therefore, overcoming the university's stereotype of being ranked one of the top party schools in the state of Texas. Being Hispanic Ruben was able to face his obstacles with great positivity and knowledge allowing him to further complete his studies and succeed in his career. Having the ability to speak both English and Spanish Mr. Hinojosa was able to elevate his vocabulary and open the doors to greater opportunities within the classroom and also when he went on to his career in the real life.
Hinojosa stayed active within his community by accumulating community service hours in fields related to his study. By doing
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From people having simple questions and being polite, to people trying to cross illegal immigrants right at the bridge. Hinojosa being located in one of the biggest ports in the United States has a very big responsibility and has to always be on top of the ball. Being at one of the biggest ports has opened many doors to him and has given him many opportunities in a very small amount of time, he's been able to stand out in his career. There's been certain circumstances he's been brought up too for example, one of the first was when he had just started at the bridge and he came across a very suspicious young man, when he questioned him to where he was coming from the young man then got very nervous and had no answer for Hinojosa, this made the situation way more suspicious. He took charge and sent the vehicle and the young man to second inspection, to his surprise after a few questions and a vehicle search they came to find out that the man had an illegal substance in his vehicle, “things like this make me proud of my job.” Hinojosa choose this field because he likes the outdoors and did my see himself in an office for hours, he also like the fast pace

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