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PSY4100 Addictions Summer 2012 Final Exam Study Guide
NOTE: Your final exam will consist of 100 questions selected from the following, as well as selected questions from in-class tests on Food Addiction and on The Joyful Mind; correct answers to those tests have already been posted to the doc sharing portion of the Ecompanion Website. You can use the answers to check the answers you gave on your chapter study tests. Your final exam is on Wednesday, September 12, 2012; You will have from 8:15AM to 9:45AM to complete the final exam. There are no make up dates for the final exam. From Chapter 1: 1. According to Shavelson (2001), author of Hooked, which three words define harm reduction? A. any positive change B. recovery from pain C. a
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length of time of abstinence from all psychoactive substances C. improvement that might include moderate drug/alcohol use D. ability to secure stable housing ANS:C PG47 24 Restorative justice A.advocates adversarial criminal justice practices. the guiding philosophy of PEASE academy an opposing philosophy to harm reduction. D.uses a hierarchical structure for decision making. ANS:B PG47 25. Reentry programs focus primarily on A.persons released from prison B.aftercare following treatment C.persons returning to prison after relapse D.addicted people who have insurance. ANS:A PG48 .

From Chapter 2:
Multiple Choice 1. According to the book, all of the following are themes in the history of substance abuse and addiction except: A. cultural traditions breed different reactions to the same drug B.. America has had a love/hate relationship with alcohol C. Russia has done much to advance the course of addiction treatment D. increased drug potency tends to be associated with prohibition ANS:C PG60

2. This cultural/historical group encouraged complete abstinence from alcohol consumption: A. Greeks B. followers of Islam C. Romans D. Hebrews ANS:B PG62 3. Which national or indigenous population introduced marijuana into the “New

World”? A. the Spaniards B. the Caribbean Indians C. the Mayans D Indians ANS:A PG63 4. Cocaine use as coca leaf chewing originated with: A. Ancient Greeks B. South American indigenous peoples* C. Ancient Romans D. Judaism ANS:B PG63

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