Robert Half Accountemps Case Study

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Robert Half Accountemps is the worlds first and largest specialized temporary staffing company for accounting and finance professionals. They specialize in understanding an organizations needs, specifications and requirements for their employees. They use that and provide them with finance and accounting professionals on a temporary and temporary-to-hire basis. I interviewed Cassie Eisenhower who works at Robert Half Accountemps as a Staffing Manager. Communication being a key asset to this company, Cassie feels like everyone does their best job communicating with each other.
When interviewing Cassie some of the questions I asked what the most important skill is for her everyday work and what is the communication culture within her business.
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The way her and her clients communicate is also a reflection of her work within her company. Although the company seems to communicate well with each other and their clients I believe that there is always room for improvement. A problem that was mentioned in our interview is clients giving the wrong information. Although it is unprofessional for the candidate or have wrong information on their resume, there could be a way for the company to check it and improve in that area. Having them client’s double check it during their interview is a solution. Another improvement that can be made within the company is the way they work as a team. Working as a team can get very tricky especially if someone is picking up someone else’s job from where they left. Although she said that her co workers know what is going on with her clients, having a detailed information list on each client would make it a lot easier for each worker. Then they wouldn 't have to worry about keeping up with other people’s clients and what is happening with them. If the situation occurred where a recruiter had to leave, someone else can just go in and read the detailed information list on each client and then go from there. Robert Half Accountemp is a company where communication is key. Their good communication skills within the company as well with their clients are what keep the company

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