Proud Of Pride Analysis

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Everyone has something to be proud of, pride can be wonderful but also a terrible thing. In the story he had a disabled brother named Doodle which he was embarrassed about, but he knew that one day he could help Doodle and everything would be alright. By giving Doodle a chance he was proven wrong that he was capable of doing human things, that were told he could never do before. Everyone was surprised but then all had faith and believed he will be able to succeed higher. People should be proud of what they do and their success.

Helping people can make you have such great pride in others accomplishments. He wasn’t proud to be a brother of a disable and wanted to change that. “But he learned to crawl, for the first time he became one of us” (Paragraph 4). This shows that they started seeing his brother
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He just wanted Doodle to be like everyone else, and be treated normally. “Finally I went back and found him huddled beneath a red nightshade bush beside the road” (Pg.6) .Pushing and forcing people to be like others can sometimes affect the outcome. Is When he ran away from Doodle thinking he would catch up accidentally pushed him too far from his capabilities. He thought it would be okay but really it turned to be the opposite. Having pride and pushing the limits can be fun to see what they are capable of doing but when something goes wrong you will probably regret it ever happened.

Pride can either be joy or a terrible thing described on how you look at it in the real world. He thought of Doodle of his pride when he accomplished real human capabilities. But he thought pride could also have the bad parts when Doodle died when he left him in the rain. The main character have pride in Doodle and how he grew in so many ways gave him such pride to be his brother. But pushing his strengths and forgetting all about his disabilities can teach one about what is most important in

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