Essay On Protein Shakes

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Protein Shakes Protein shakes are a type of supplement designed to take as a post workout. Preferably within the thirty minutes after the workout session. What these shakes do is help with muscle growth and a fast recovery. Today people drink protein shakes to help with weight loss. Protein comes in powder form and ready to mix with water or milk. Some shakes come already mixed and ready to drink. Protein shakes come in various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Some of these shakes contain up to seventy-five grams of protein, low in calories and very low in sugar. Protein shakes have become very popular to health conscious people or those wanting to lose weight, but the research shows that these shakes are not as healthy as one might think. …show more content…
People have tried everything there is to try to lose weight, to get little or no results. People are gaining weight because they do not know how to portion their meals among other reasons. Protein shakes are low in calories and with instructions on portion size. Knowing how many calories are in each shake makes it is easy to keep up with calories, making it easier to lose weight. Protein shakes have been seen as the next best thing for weight loss. Many people consider protein shakes as a meal replacement. Although meal replacement shakes have some similarities to protein shakes they are quite different. A meal replacement contains vitamins, carbs, and fiber to help feel full for longer periods of time. Meal replacements were originally designed to help feed people who are too sick to eat solid foods. Today many people are taking these shakes to lose weight. These shakes were made for extreme cases of malnutrition and under doctors orders. Not for people who can chew a perfectly good meal. Still, there are many people who opt for protein shakes convinced that they work

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