Prostitution: Film Analysis

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Born into Brothels exposed the hardships that children in India who are born into families were prostitution is the norm. These children face adversity in their everyday life due to their mother’s, grandmother’s, sister’s or aunt’s occupation. Growing up in such an adult atmosphere and being exposed to a high-risk profession from a young age creates risks for the children themselves. The introduction to prostitution at a young age, coupled with the normalcy of prostitution in their daily lives leads to the children’s increased risk and opportunity to also partake in the dangerous and life-altering profession. Kochi, one of the young girls in the documentary, faces extreme adversity in her life and is continually exposed to prostitution due to her family. Throughout the documentary Kochi’s various risks and opportunities are shown and aid in my attempt to determine if Kochi followed the self-fulfilling prophecy of becoming a prostitute or if she took advantage of her admission into boarding school. …show more content…
Kochi lives with her grandmother because her mother is unable to take care of her and her father is deceased. Before her father’s death he attempted to sell Kochi. While it is never stated what he intended to sell her for, it can be assumed he tried to sell her into prostitution. Furthermore, six of Kochi’s bothers have died throughout her life. Kochi’s mother also attempted suicide and suffers from emotional issues. During the documentary the narrator, Zana, can be heard saying, “Kochi has never said no in her life,” alluding to the idea that she will likely end up in prostitution. Kochi works every day from four a.m. to eleven p.m. cleaning homes and doing various other errands. She lives an extremely difficult life and has faced countless hardships, especially for someone so

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