College Sports Supplements Should Be Banned Essay

It’s that time again were football players of the NCAA start football and start working out. Its when millions of people come out and watch this men play on the field and show people what they are made of. College sports are hard to get into, but sports players have always found a way to get bigger for the season. Players have started using sport supplements such as protein and pre workout? Right now, colleges are starting to look into this supplements and whether they are making players get of this stuff, so they don 't cheat themselves. Colleges are stopping players from taking this stuff because it can have side effects in their futures. In my view, I believe that colleges should have the right to ban supplements that can be bad for their players.
Currently colleges have put this supplements in 3 categories, 1)permissible substances 2)Impermissible substances 3) banned substances. They made this catiogres to help players know what
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For instances, many people use protein. Protein is a supplement that is used to build weight and rebuild the body after a hard day at work or working out. Also there are other proteins that are made to just build weight (WebMD). This is called mass gainers and they use this to build weight and then lose it and it turns into muscle. The other thing that they use is something called pre workout or amino acids. What pre workout is a powder that you put in water and it has a lot of caffeine and has a thing called niacin, this makes the blood in your body pump faster to your muscles and causes your veins to pop. What amino acids do is they rebuild your muscles and it brings back energy into your body(Menshealth). The last thing that people take a pills. Pills are pre workout, aminos, and caffeine pills, taking these pills are like taking all of the stuff at the same time but at a way bigger intake and has way more stuff in the

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