High School Athletes Drug Testing Essay

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There has been much discussion about drug testing for high school athletes. Some may think that high school athletes should not take a drug test to play sports. They don’t think High school athletes should take drug tests because it invades their rights. On the other hand some say high school athletes should take drug tests to play sports. They think this because of the reduction in drug and alcohol abuse amongst high school athletes. So drug testing for athletes should be permitted because paying sports is a privilege. and using drugs and alcohol is a violation of the high school athletic program.

High school athletes should take drug test to play sports because coaches say, “athletes that use drugs and alcohol were negative role models or influences on other adolescents”. They also said, ”especially for younger athletes, who would be influenced by their strong desire to be accepted”. This is because they see
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According to the State of Hawaii-Department of Education Parent and Student Athlete Handbook, “Student athletes may not use, possess,or distribute tobacco, alcohol, and/or illicit drugs. This policy applies at all times both during the season and off season ”. Athletic handbook also states, “the use, Possession, or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, hallucinogen, or other illicit substances, will not be tolerated on school grounds or any school-sanctioned activities“. This shows using drugs or alcohol does violate the Hawaii High School Athletic Program. As for punishment the State of Hawaii-Department of Education Parent and Student Athlete Handbook states, “ The athletic director and principal may determine the appropriate discipline, if any, for violations of this provision. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, penalties can range from game suspension to a permanent denial of the participation in

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