Pitbull Controversy

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Out of all the different breeds of dogs, Pit bulls tend to top the list of controversy. Those who own the breed pose arguments stating that pit bulls are intelligent, obedient, and extremely loyal. Those opposed to the breed argue a different viewpoint of vicious attacks, aggressive behaviors and illegal dog fighting. Despite difference in opinion, pit bulls are a danger to society because of their aggressive tendencies, fatal attacks, and ignorant owners.
Pit bulls have a tendency to have aggression towards other dogs. In addition, pit bulls tend to prey on smaller animals such as birds, cats, and squirrels. (The Real Pit Bull) In Portland, there was a case in which a pit bull attacked a Pomeranian on a subway streetcar. Several people
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However, a pit bulls bite can be fatal. “In the 9-year period from 2005 to 2013, pit bulls killed 176 Americans, about one citizen every 18.6 days.” (Lynn Media Group, 2014) According to Dogsbite.org, twenty-six individuals were fatally attacked in 2014 alone. In Canyon Lake, TX, Betty Clark age 75 was attacked by two pit bulls while she delivered Christmas presents in her neighborhood. She was found unresponsive and covered in bites to her entire body. She later died on January 6, 2014 in the hospital. She had never regained consciousness from the December 21st attack. In Temple, TX, a 2 year old was mauled by a pit bull. Her family was watching the dog for a friend and had chained the dog to the fence outside. Unfortunately, the young girl was able to get out of the house and into the back yard where the dog was chained without the family knowing. The dog attacked her. She was pronounced dead approximately two hours later. (2014 dog bite fatalities, …show more content…
Those that defend the pit bull breed feel the negativity and bad rap of the breed fall with the owners and how the dog is raised. There have been several famous pit bulls. In fact, many have grown up watching a television show in which a pit bull was practically a main character. Anyone who has watched the Little Rascals would remember the American Bulldog Petey. According to the Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, “Pit Bulls are good with children - FACT. Pit Bulls always test high as one of the most stable breeds of dogs in the country. These statistics can be found with the American Temperament Test Society of the United States, where they always fall as one of the top five most stable dogs. Because of this, they are extremely patient and tolerant of children.” (Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center,

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