Pros And Cons Of Juveniles

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Sentencing juveniles with life sentences without the possibility of parole has always been an issue. A juvenile is someone who is under 18 years of age. There is a multitude of reasons why they are committing crimes. Some of the main reasons being financial situations, family issues, or a negative guidances into doing certain things.

As a juvenile one does not fully understand the severity, or the consequences that follow behind committing a crime. Unfortunately, “ children as young as 13 years old have been tried as adults and sentenced to die in prison, typically without any consideration of their age or circumstances of the offense. Furthermore, since a juvenile is not fully aware of the time, there is no justice in sentencing them to
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There has been many studies indicating how after a juvenile has spent decades in prison they grow and become wise. They realize now, the consequences of their crimes and want to help juveniles that still have the opportunity to change and turn their lives around. For instance, prisoners who talk on shows like “Beyond Scared Straight” share their stories with juveniles to let them know they were once in the same predicament or to let them know the reality of life in prison. The prisoners turned their lives around and used their story as a testimony, hoping to get through a delinquent juvenile. Also, they continue going to school, and college, all while still being in prison. They prove, that yes, they made a mistake, but that should not define who they are as a person or their character …show more content…
Not only is a juvenile not capable of fully understanding how their lives will change forever, but they will be taken away before they even get a real chance to see what life is all about. I take this matter very personal. Reason being, I had a family member commit homicide at 16 years old. Not only was he 16, but he was tried as an adult and sent to prison. However when reviewing the facts of the case, he was found not guilty. Yes, a crime has been committed, but we have to look at the overall situation and how the crime came about. Everyone deserves a second chance. Especially, a juvenile who has not even been in the room were long enough to know how one mistake and can ruin them forever. Although a juvenile may know right from wrong, I don 't think they can 100% comprehend how severe the consequences will be for committing crimes. We should also consider the juvenile surroundings, choice of friends, and other factors that could be why they have become delinquent. In addition,how some states, regardless of what row one plate will convict everyone with the same charge in the maximum sentence, is not fair. In some cases, the court will sentence the juvenile to life, so that the public will feel justice was served. Putting juveniles in adult prisons, will never sit right with me. Research has proven that putting juveniles with the adults will cause even more problems. For instance,

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