Sentencing Juveniles In Adult Prisons

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Sentencing juveniles with life sentences without the possibility of parole has always been an issue. A juvenile is someone who is under 18 years of age. There is a multitude of reasons why they are committing crimes. Some of the main reasons being financial situations, family issues, or a negative guidances into doing certain things.

As a juvenile one does not fully understand the severity, or the consequences that follow behind committing a crime. Unfortunately, “ children as young as 13 years old have been tried as adults and sentenced to die in prison, typically without any consideration of their age or circumstances of the offense. Furthermore, since a juvenile is not fully aware of the time, there is no justice in sentencing them to
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i read that “studies that do exist, indicate the get tough approach has had little or no effect on the role of juvenile crime.” Most juveniles see shows like “Beyond Scared Straight” as a joke, instead of taking in what the prisoners are trying to tell them that that is not the lifestyle they want to live. Studied also, “trying juveniles in adult criminal court may actually result in higher rates of reoffending” as I stated before.

Not only does putting juveniles in adult prison increase the rates of violence, but it also makes them smarter and better criminals. For example, a juvenile is tried as an adult and sent to prison. The juvenile is there on a first time offense, so most likely, they are not very smart when it comes to committing crimes thoroughly and carefully without it being traced back to them. In adult prison, majority of the criminal are very smart. They end up talking to the juvenile and teaching them how to better at committing
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A juvenile has not developed their cognitive skills to fully understand the severity of committing crimes. However, over the years, they have ruled the sentencing of charging a juvenile with life without parole unconstitutional.In a way, this helps to give a juvenile another chance at life. Sometimes, people need that one events that will wake them up and realize that there is more to life. Juveniles are also easily influenced and will feel peer pressured into committing crimes to be accepted by their peers. Guardians also huge role in a juvenile 's delinquent

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