Pros And Cons Of Higher Education Essay

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Pros and cons of higher education/ is higher education worth Nowadays, more jobs require more than a high school diploma. Most of the adults believe that a person in order to succeed need higher education. But also, many people out there have never attended to college and they are in better economic status than others that have their master’s degree. Most high school graduates are persuaded that they have to go to college because, “it is the right thing to do and is the best option for his or her life.” The United States is a nation of many opportunities for everyone, no matter what education they got, out there in the real world there are plenty jobs and options for everyone. Finally, the decision to get higher education is a personal decision and a personal goal of what each one of us want in life. In contrast, there are pros and cons of getting a higher education. The cons: financial cost, health problems and labor force. The pros: employment opportunities and better economic status. Getting higher education means go to college or university. However, going to college does not mean that anyone is going to be successful in his or her life career. Furthermore, a big disadvantage is the financial cost for the student and the government. According to the US Congress Joint Economic Committee, approximately 60% of 2011 college graduates have student loan debt balances equal to 60% of their annual income. Missing or being late for loan payments often results in a lower credit…

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