Essay On Student Loan Forgiveness

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After years of all-nighters and writing extremely long papers, you have finally walked across the stage and earned your college degree. Now, it 's off to find a job, the perfect apartment and maybe even buy yourself that nice car that you thought you could never afford. If you 're like many college graduates, it won 't be too long after you get comfortable with your new, fancy lifestyle, where you can afford pretty much anything you want, that your grace-period will end and your student loan payments will begin.

For those struggling to figure out how they will pay off their student loans and not be stuck making payments for the next 10 to 20 years of your life, there are a number of things you can do to get your loans paid off and rid yourself of this huge debt.

Make payments on time
When it comes to any bill, it is always wise to pay it on time. It is really no different with student loan payments. Paying a bill late leads to late fees, which lead to you spending more
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Basically, if you were to work as a teacher or obtain a public service position, after a certain amount of time and loan payments, your loans will be forgiven. In some cases, only part of your loans will be forgiven if you meet all of the requirements. This may not be the full amount of your loans, but even half of this debt being forgiven is better than you having to pay the money yourself.

You may not have been lucky enough to pay for college with grants and scholarships, but you are smart enough to avoid having to make loan payments for the next 20 years of your life. It is not fun paying any bill, but it must be done, and it is a great feeling knowing that you have your bills paid and are free of them until next month. Just imagine how you 'll feel once you have no more student loan debt haunting you and constantly digging into your

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