Pros And Cons Of Food

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Register to read the introduction… According to the FDA, food companies are allowed to say that their food products contains 0 grams of trans fat, as long as one serving contains less than .50 grams of trans fat. However, food companies should not be allowed to hide trans fats like these, as they are unhealthy for our bodies and health. As a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association Andrea Giancoli states it “Trans fats raise your bad cholesterol just like saturated fats, but they also increase inflammation and lower the good cholesterol that protects us against heart disease.”( MacMillan, 2009) The problem with this is that a lot a people consume more than one serving of all types of foods, and because the serving sizes have not changed since the 80’s when people ate less than we do now. By the end of the day, an average consumer is going to consume a lot more than the recommended 2 grams trans fat per day, even though they will believe that they ate 0 grams of trans fat. One way to check if food contains any trans fats is to look at the ingredients: If the label says that the food contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, then it contains some amount of trans fat, that is less than or equal to .5grams. However, there are foods that cannot be made without trans fats, which include: cake, anything deep fried, certain types of crackers and some …show more content…
However, products who claim that they “supports the immune system” or “maintain healthy heart” could be false advertising, because the FDA does not support these claims. Many times, these claims, and others include that the product is an excellent source of different vitamins and usually are present on fruit or vegetable juices, because it seems normal that a juice should have some kind of positive effect on our bodies. For example, V8 claims that their juices will help support immune system and are excellent source of vitamins A,C&E; however, as these vitamins are added in process of manufacturing, V8 should not be allowed to falsely claim that their juice is helping ones immune system as there is evidence that these vitamins will not help to protect against disease. Claims with words like “support”, “enhance,” and “maintain” need no hard evidence, according to the FDA (Nutrition, 2012, p.14) meaning that the FDA, once again, is not very concerned about protecting use of these words and most likely they have not defined meaning of these

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