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Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Nutrition is one of the key factors to our survival as a species, and what is life without food. As not only a college student but as a growing teenager we are somehow always hungry no matter the time of day. So how much knowledge do we actually have pertaining the food that goes into our system. Here at Concordia College- New York, we have two eateries on campus. The Commons and The Brickyard, both of which are very popular among the student body. With this nutrition project I wanted to discover how healthy the options at Concordia are, and how many options the eateries catered for those student’s with allergies and dietary restrictions. …show more content…
Among those students many of them have allergies or dietary restrictions, personally I know about 5 people that have restrictions that cause them to not eat at the Commons or Brickyard. Some are gluten-free, vegan, or have specified restrictions as to what they can and cannot eat. Having these restrictions actually causes my friends to not eat meals sometimes. Since the commons never has anything gluten free my one friend continues to eat the same thing at the Brickyard, which can get nasty after four months. My other friends who are a vegan have the same problem as well. Then the other day I heard a story from my friend, her friends has a lactose allergy. When she eats at the brick obviously she is aware of the things she can and cannot eat; however, she noticed that they used the same utensils to cut and flip food. Since she has a lactose allergy she wants to make sure nothing containing that touched her food. She actually brought this to the attention of Nate the head chef. He then realized the same thing and noticed the situation. He thanked her because many other students could have been affected by this mistake. To address the gluten free options Nate orders special bread to have as a substitute for some meals. This helps tremendously but still limits their options. At Concordia I hope the growing population of students and dietary restrictions brings awareness to the food plans …show more content…
However, what if students at Concordia are doing the same. What if they are losing weight unintentionally due entirely to the fact that they cannot eat here at campus. If someone says buying food is another option, many college students do not have the funds to do so. Plus, the entire idea behind the meal plans are to save us money and to be able to buy food at any time we need. Students should be able to feel comfortable in their skin, and not have to worry about if they can eat a real meal or if they will be snacking again. As a College, I believe we should raise more awareness about these dietary restrictions and be able to compensate for all the students. For all we know the ones with restrictions could have been eating the same things for the past four months. Just that alone could get them sick, continuously eating the same thing can get exhausting and gross after a while. So, as a result of this project I hope it brings awareness to the College eateries and changes begin to occur. Now, I am not suggesting to make Concordia 100% healthy and 100% gluten free and vegan, but I am suggesting that we change up our options. Offer more healthy options, change up the salad bar options, offer more gluten- free options in both the Commons and the Brickyard. These little changes will impact our small school greatly; we just don’t see it

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