Donald Trump Dbq

Why Donald Trump is not qualified to be the next president of America
America is the greatest Nation on earth and cannot to be kept on a big risk by somebody that is disrespectful, promoting hate, and encouraging diversification of the American people. America needs a president that is compassionate and just and possesses good qualities as a leader. I believe Donald trump is not is not qualified to be the president of the United States because he doesn’t really understand what it means to become the president of the United States, many people have said it such as politicians of both parties, economists, pundits, business leaders but millions of GOP primary voters don 't seem to be listening. The reality is Trump has no experience in Government
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Securing the border is an issue that government has refused to handle in a long time. Other republican candidates believes that his idea on tackling broken immigration system in the United States is wrong. In order to deport 11 million illegal immigrants he would need to spend billions of dollars its is estimated that about 100-200 billion dollars to deport this millions of immigrants whereas the money could be used for things like making college affordable, better health care system and other sectors of the economy that needs to be improved. Deportations is not the solution for tackling America’s broken immigration system , the United States has always been an immigrant country. Lets look into history, Ronald Reagan was the first president of the united states to pass the i986 immigration bill that granted 3 million illegal alien in the United States amnesty but today the republican people …show more content…
Donald trump possess traits of racism, discrimination and rudeness. Donald Trump once said in his speech that “no black president for a while because of Obama”. He believes America would not see another black president for generations because of how poorly he thought Obama had done. He is completely wrong about it, Obama is one of the best president America has ever had. This makes people see him as a racist based on his hateful speech about Obama. Trump also disrespected the pope saying that the pope has no right to question is faith is disgraceful. Also the issue of banning Muslims from entering the United State is discrimination against a particular religious group and possess threat to diverse and destroy America’s melting pot that has been built up for centuries. Trump has criticized so many communities on America problem failing to realize there is more to that than blaming particular groups for the problem America is facing

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