Should Immigrants Be Deported

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Deportation and Stopping Immigrants
Enforcing the law for immigration has being in the news lately. Especially in the debate between Clinton and Trump. There is a lot of reasons on why people think that illegal immigrants should be deported, a lot of immigrants have being deported, and there is ways to try and keep them off the country.
Illegal immigrants should be deported and kept out for three main reasons. First, they pose a threat to the safety of legal citizens in areas where there are many illegal immigrants. In various articles, it has been reported that legal citizens living along the border are threatened and often feel unsafe with the illegal immigrants who come in and try to live there. Second, having this many illegal immigrants is a threat to our government. When mass amounts of people come into the U.S. from other nations, they may want to change some of the ways we do things. Their population might eventually be high enough in numbers to strongly challenge our government. Third, illegal immigrants are a threat to our economy. A large portion of our taxes go to benefit illegal immigrants. Some of the ways they are benefitted are through receiving health care, being payed for in prisons, and given jobs illegally.
According to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), there are two main ways to deport
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By building a wall it would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to enter the country. Some illegal immigrants may not even consider to try and enter the country because of the wall. According to an article by Robert Samuelson 63 percent of the Republicans agreed that a wall would be a good solution for illegal immigration. Which is an important fact because one of the argument that is being made is that building a wall will help the Republicans. It will help the Republicans because if there is a wall then they get to have big roles in the policy on

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