Ramanujan Nadadur Illegal Immigration Analysis

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Undocumented Immigration is a growing concern nationally for the United States of America. With border control not being as secure as it could be, illegal immigrants are entering the country at an alarming rate. Not only is this a huge political platform when it comes to
Wolf 2 elections, but it is hurting American citizens when it comes to employment opportunities, welfare use in general, paying taxes, and are accepting more government hand outs than legally documented immigrants and American citizens. While accepting immigrants into the United States is apart of the country’s makeup, there needs to be a regulation on the rate at which immigrants enter this country. If undocumented immigrants continue to enter the country it will significantly hurt American citizens as well as, the American economy.
Ramanujan Nadadur’s article “Illegal Immigration: A Positive Economic Contribution to the United States” explains how illegal immigration can be beneficial fiscally for the United States of America. However, illegal immigration will hurt the local and state governments, but benefit the country as a whole. Nadadur’s argument is based on his research centered around the rate at which illegal immigrants are coming into the country as well as, the economic contribution they
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Illegal immigration can not be a positive economic contribution for the United States of America based on the statistics and information provided by Preston and Camarota. While obtaining American citizenship is no easy task and there should be a reform in the American citizenship policy, there needs to be some sort of documented immigration because until there are improvements made, American citizens are going to be at an injustice due to the lack of support they are receiving from the state and federal

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