Mrs. G Counseling Case Study

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A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out “(Proverbs 20:5 NASB). Counseling is a way of administering to a person’s soul. Counseling involves assisting an individual in taking responsibility of his or her destiny. Counseling is a part of soul care that involves the body, mind, and soul. In order for counseling to be effective there must “healing, sustaining, reconciling, and guiding.” Therefore, as Christian counselors that engage in counseling we must remember that we cannot fix everyone problem, but God as equipped other disciplines to aid in assisting an individual to become whole.
This paper will briefly discuss the client’s affect, behavior, mental status, presenting problem, histories
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G. is focusing on her biological identity as well as intimacy versus isolation. The client does not exhibit issues problems with “forming reciprocal relationships, feelings of isolation and anxiety.”
5. Assessment
Mrs. G is a Christian young woman that is searching for her true identity. She is grateful for the way God has blessed her but is seeking wholeness through finding her biological parents and having an idea of her genetic makeup.
6. Recommendation
Gestalt therapy technique which will provide a “continuum of awareness which facilitate a person’s increasing awareness of himself /herself.” And Collin writes, “the process of counseling includes: clarifying the problem, giving support, helping take action, developing skills, and helping counselee get unstuck.” I would also offer pastoral counseling for a brief time span. As an adjunct resource the Child Welfare Information Gateway that lists vital information for adoptees searching for birth relatives. I recommend keeping the faith by reading (Psalm 139 and John 14).
Lastly, Cloud and Townsend write, “our ability to give and respond to love is our greatest gift. The heart that God has fashioned in his image is the center of our being. Its abilities to open up to love and to allow love to flow outward are crucial to

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