Essay Pros And Cons Of Collecting And Analyzing Big Data

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Starting back in the 90’s computer systems have become more of a focal point in many, if not most, businesses and they have allowed companies both big and small to collect data and keep it organized. As time has gone on, computers have become more sophisticated and capable which has allowed many businesses to collect years and years of data, but now many of those businesses are faced with the challenge of finding value in the collection. Analysts are faced with the challenge of sorting, filtering, and presenting the data in a way that is meaningful for the leaders of a business to make informed and educated decisions that will point the company in the right direction. This means it is very important to understand the pros and cons of collecting and analyzing big data. We cannot ignore things that the big data may be pointing out, but we also cannot allow the data to be the basis for every decision we make. It is extremely important to use the data as a tool to allow us to make more informed decisions, but these decisions must also be made using data we are able to gather from our own observations and the observations from our employees. Big data should be taken seriously, but only used as an additional tool to help us make the most informed decisions, as there are other factors that also play a role in the decision making process.
Big data analysis can be a very tedious job and sometimes we can get lost in the vast amount of information that has been presented to us. It…

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