Abolishing Death Penalty

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Abolishing the Death Penalty has been an enormous argument in our society. The main question that everyone debates about all throughout the world, is whether the penalty should be abolished or not. To me honestly, of course the Death Penalty should be banned from all states. I do not support it by any means, mainly because it goes against my religious beliefs. It’s not only cruel, but it also violates our human rights and is more expensive than people may think. Taxpayers spend so much money on the Death penalty than they realize. Execution is such a degrading and an extremely inhuman way to take someone’s life. Racial and economic status, plays a big role in deciding the inmate sentencing. Furthermore, researcher, Shetty, S. (2014) have conducted …show more content…
We as a free society should spend more money bettering our community rather than on someone that’s more than likely is going to get executed. This society accepts such a cruel penalty, which allows the killing of another human to be seek. Since the penalty is legalized, we as a state is now listed under the same category as other states, that we judge for being so unhuman like and cruel. A study by Abdul-Jabarr, k (2015) states that states that are in the U.S. that doesn’t have the Death Penalty, have a lower homicide and murder rate than the others. Another huge issue that prosecutors have to live with is, what if it was a wrongful conviction? Prosecutors may sentence a wrongful convicted inmate to the Death Penalty, and time later may seek to evidence that proves that the inmate was innocent. So another innocent person dies, instead of having a life sentence until further notice with the case. Equality doesn’t stand a chance with our supposed to be justice system. The system is really sort of a shady business, and rules that we have to follow. Some argue against the fact of abolishing the Death Penalty, states that if the people know that there is a chance they would be placed on Death Row, less crimes would be the

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