Prophets In The Prophet

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In the Old Testament, God uses prophets as His mediators. They serve as a middle man between God and man. As God’s story unfolds in the Old Testament, we see great prophets emerge during times of great injustice. Among these great prophets is Elijah, an Israelite and worshiper of God under during the reign of Ahab and his murderous, idolatrous wife Jezebel. Ahab himself let his uncertainty and fear drive his passivity, which, even more so, gave way to Jezebel’s evil desires.
As Ahab & Jezebel ruled, a severe famine and drought spread across Samaria. According to scholars, this devastation in Samaria lasted anywhere from two years to three years and six months. In a state of depravation and weakness, the people under Ahab & Jezebel’s reign turned to Jezebel’s cherished idol, Baal. Idol worship was running ramped. The nation of Israel turned from God and worshiped Baal. Jezebel went as far to eliminate anyone who didn’t worship Baal, specifically targeting the Jehovah worshipers. Jezebel was killing off the Lord’s prophets. She wanted to see the end of Jehovah worship. She was idolatrous and proactive in building up a nation of false prophets, killing anyone who would counter this movement. Obadiah, who was a servant in
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Elijah prays, and after checking the horizon seven times, God answered. The rain came and replenished the famished land. After Jezebel caught news of all her prophets being put to death, she was furious. Jezebel gives Elijah a death threat and out of fear, he flees. After everything Elijah just encountered, it is hard to believe that he would feel scared or threatened. But in his weakness, God pursues him: first, with an angel, and second, with his presence. God has more in store for his Prophet Elijah. Many more will turn back to God, the true God of Israel through Elijah and his

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