Proper Time Management And Maintaining A Healthy Life Style Essay

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Academic Success

Proper time management and maintaining a healthy life-style are important factors in achieving academic excellence. The body needs to be at its best to perform better academically. Important ways of keeping a healthy life-style is to get the proper amount of sleep and obtaining a good diet. What you eat can have a positive or negative outcome on test scores, and how much you sleep can also have a positive or negative effect on test scores. Keeping your body healthy and having proper time management leads to academic success.
The amount of sleep a teenager gets correlates with how they do in the classroom. Multiple studies show that around seven hours is the recommended number of hours of sleep a teen should get each night. If a teenager is unable to reach seven hours, then it could cause a decline in test scores. Also, over sleeping does not prove to show any benefits. Teenagers who sleep for over eleven hours can also show in a decline of academic scores.
Sleep deprivation is common for many high school and college students. There are many reasons why teenagers are unable to get the proper amount of sleep. Technology has taken over the lives of millions of teenagers across America. The average teenager spends over seven hours a day using devices for social media. Video games also serve as a distraction to everyday life. This overuse of technology is one of the main causes to way teenagers do not get enough sleep. Instead of getting the seven hours they…

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