Promotional Cultures : The Rise And Spread Of Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, And Branding

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In Promotional Cultures: The Rise and Spread of Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing and Branding, Davis notably refines Wernick’s (1991) definition of “promotional culture” by limiting it to the active practices of individuals/promotional intermediaries and organizations/promotional industries refocusing the lens on the people actively working in the industry and their influence on cultural shifts. Davis proposes that promotional culture is influential indirectly, as awareness influences values and ideals, affects the decision-making process and social communication. Davis further highlights the effects of promotional practices in shaping organizations, society and individuals, and describes the development of promotional industries and its influence on social relations and cultural change. Davis purports that modern society is promotionally oriented, and so individuals and organizations accommodate and prioritize promotional discourse with resources, including money and time.

In Chapter 4, Davis outlines a variety of methods and approaches useful to the study of promotional texts which act as a valuable resource for the introduction of the key methods applicable to advertising from a social science perspective which resonated with my own Public Relations study. Quantitative Content Analysis, Semiotics, and Discourse Analysis are offered as methods; however, Davis notably fails to utilize these methodologies in the construction of his argument, rather adopting a…

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