Essay on Project Planning For Adult Learners

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Knowles Learning Objectives

Program planning for adult learners can be a difficult and time consuming task. However the use of program objectives can give clarity and understanding to the program developer, resulting in greater a understanding of what is needed to achieve specific goals. Program “Objectives say what the student will be able to do or think or feel or say as a result of the planned learning/teaching event” (Daines, Daines, & Graham, 1993 p. 21). According to Daines et al. (1993, p. 22), objectives should not only describe the desired behaviour but also the conditions under which attainment is to be demonstrated, and the criteria for such success”. This essay will critically discuss two theories created by Knowles, which are known as ‘educational’ learning objectives and ‘operational’ learning objectives. The positive and negative aspects of these theories will be acknowledged, and why some components are more essential in the overall process of program development. Concluding the essay will be an explanation of which I believe is the most appropriate to use and why.

Caffarella & Daffron (2013, p. 165) states Knowles theory that “educational program objectives reflect what participants are expected to learn as a result of attending a specific education or training program”. Educational program objectives tend to be used when the program involves classroom teaching with an educator/teacher and students. Educational objectives are examined…

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