Project Management Information Systems ( Pmis ) Essay

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Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) are tools used by project teams to gather, store, analyse and disseminate information about the project and can be a single system, or a system of systems (Saladis, F & Kerzner, H 2011, p.17).
Software packages are available that may integrate or combine some or all components necessary for a PMIS such as project scheduling software, databases for querying data, spreadsheets for data analysis, word processing software, messaging software for electronic distribution, multimedia tools for audio and video, web authoring tools, accounting software, software development tools and charting software (Knutson, J 2001, p.246).
Data and document management is facilitated by PMIS as it allows the creation, organisation and storage of data and documents for review, analysis and processing by the project team (Back & Moreau 2001, p.14). The effectiveness of a PMIS can be increased through the information structure which is the framework and rules that describe how information is classified, organised and the relationship between the data and documents (Back & Moreau 2001, pp.14-16).
The PMIS acts as a readily accessible single store of information that collects data and documents relating to and influencing the project and should serve as the first source of project information (Cleland & Ireland 2007, pp.300-301)
The Project Management Information System (PMIS) for the Bridge Splay and Guard Rail project is shown in Figure 2 (Appendix…

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