Professional Sports : Women 's National Basketball Association

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Men have traditionally dominated the professional sports arena. The gender gaps which exist have become more pronounced in recent years, especially in regards to salary. While men are signing multi-million dollar contracts, women in contrast, receive considerably lower salaries. This has some people pondering the reasons behind such massive gaps. While both play professional sports at an equally competitive level, the only difference appears to be gender. However, interpreting such inequalities goes beyond a simple explanation, and instead takes on multiple meanings. Such that, women’s professional sports associations lack substantial league revenues in addition to fan support. Thus, one can advocate for change by encouraging men to do just that. Perhaps if male athletes themselves are summoned to support women in the professional sports arena, societal perceptions may change, resulting in increased salary and popularity within female professional sports associations. Evaluating a number of professional sports associations, it was difficult to find substantial information to support the financial strength of any women’s professional sports league. One such association is the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), a women’s derivative of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Although they exist as one of the premier leagues in women’s sports, they fail to report any yearly profits or revenue generated by the league. This leads to questioning the WNBA’s…

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