Professional Presence Essay

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Lashonda Smith
Unit 7 Assignment
Professional Presence
Kaplan University

In Unit 7 we have been looking at group cultures in the workplace and identifying who they are there. As well as what makes you part of what group. In learning this I have learned, every work field and workplace has different work group cultures. The dental field is no different there are a lot just in the office everyday. The term culture means: specific set of social, educational, religious, and professional behaviors, practices, or values that individuals learn and adhere to daily,including communication styles, customs, dress, cultural beliefs, and societal
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She explained to me that there are many different backgrounds in her office and it helps when it comes to dealing with patients. She explained that she thinks workplace group cultures means people who work together.
Different groups in the workplace that have the same beliefs,work habits, attitudes, and job descriptions. She identified that there is four different work group in her office that are older dental assistants, young dental assistants, dentist, and front office. She said she really did not know what group culture was but she always knew there was different groups in the workplace because a varies different aspects. She said at first that her office was a group culture because they all have to wear the same uniform, have the same work language they share among each other, they have same uniforms, authority, and rules to follow.
I asked her if she identified with any of the groups she said she felt yes the office as a whole (because she works there), dental assistants, and young dental assistants. She asked if hard working people/love their job was a group if so she apart of that too but I was not sure. She said she enjoys the work relationship between the doctor and the dental assistants. I asked if any of the groups had things in common she said they pretty much use the same terms just they do things differently and do different

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