Professional Presence and Influence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence
YOT Task 1
Hellen C. Adebowale

Models of Health and Healing
Two of the three models of health and healing discussed by Dossey (1999) were Era II Body/Mind Model of the 1950s and Era III Body/Mind/Spirit Model of the 1990s. According to Dossey (1999), post World War II the Medical Doctors noticed that there was proof that the functioning of the human body can be affected by other factors such as stress and emotions which, can lead to diseases such as ulcers and high blood pressure. This model brought to light the realization that treating the human body is complex because when the physical body is not well the mentation of the patient is affected resulting in exacerbation of other
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Many of the patients have other co-morbidities and they are often depressed because of their prognosis. We tend to concentrate on the physical body by making sure all the core measures of treatment are met for the specific disease, and neglect that there are other elements that need to be considered such as cultural beliefs, emotional, financial and spiritual.
I am involved in daily Interdisciplinary rounding which involves bedside collaborative discussions of the patient’s plan of care and care transition after discharge. I also round on the patients and talk about their experience to make sure we are meeting their expectations, as well as listen to the patients and talk to them about other concerns that they might have about their health. An example that comes to mind is an indigent HF patient we had whose ejection fraction was 10% and was in need of a heart transplant. He was of Muslim faith and he was in the hospital during the Ramadan period and was very weak because he not was eating well as a result of the fast. I asked him to share with me what the Koran says about fasting and sickness and he was able to refer to the Koran and realize that there is a provision in the Koran that excuses the sick from fasting during Ramadan. He was able to eat and regain his strength. The family also shared with me that

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