Professional Presence and Influence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence
Melissa A. Cummings
Western Governor’s University
This paper examines my personal professional presence and how my personality influences both my personal and professional life. It will examine how I can use mindfulness and self-awareness to improve my professional practice with co-workers and patients and how I can bring mindfulness into my own life.
Professional Presence and Influence

Professional Presence
Larry Dossey discusses three eras medicine in his book, Reinventing Medicine. Era I is a time period which began in the 1860’s and focused on the physical body as the reason for illness. The body was treated with surgical procedures and drugs. Era II focused on the body also,
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I assess my patient as a whole person. If my patient comes to me with myocardial infarction, not only do I treat their chest pains with medications and perhaps a surgical procedure, I assess their lifestyle, ways to de-stress. I assess and educate them on nutrition. I help them to learn better dietary choices for weight control and low sodium choices for prevention/control of hypertension. Sometimes the patient’s biggest barrier to being healthy is a social barrier. The patient may have financial struggles preventing him from being able to afford his medications. I can help to address that need with assistance from social work. I know that when that patient leaves my care, he will continue to live his life. He will return to work and perhaps his stressors. He will have to make dietary decisions. I believe he is a whole person rather than only a heart which needs to be re-vascularized. If this patient lived during Era I, we would fix his heart and send him home without the necessary tools to live a healthier life and perhaps prevent this injury from happening again.
My nursing practice depends on my mindfulness. I need to be open to the moment to see what is really going on with my patient. I do not judge. For example, if my patient cannot work and cannot afford his medications, the problem I can assist him with is obtaining his medications. I must not worry about what he spends his money on or why he cannot work. If I can accept the patient’s

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