Professional Nursing: Article Analysis

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Annotated Bibliography
Bittner, N. P., & O'connor, M. (2012). Focus on retention: identifying barriers to nurse faculty satisfaction. Nursing Education Perspectives (National League For Nursing),
33(4), 251-254.
In the text, Bittner and O’connor discuss the strategies to increase the lack of nurses. The factors of education, job satisfaction, and the rate of retirement are some key factors in this situation. Throughout the article the authors include how the increase of students have improved with their jobs because of their status, the level of degree they received. The difference between the diploma, associates, and bachelors is by the outcomes from retirement, pay, and satisfaction.
Cranford, J. (2013). Bridging the gap: Clinical practice
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The appeal used is ethos, because the results of one being overworked can also include emotional strain too. In the article of Nursing Standard, the author also included individuals struggling between their work and school.
Finkelman, A., & Kenner, C. (2016). Professional nursing concepts: competencies for quality leadership. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
In the book Professional nursing concepts: competencies for quality leadership,
Finkelman and Kenner discuss the history of nursing and the comparison between today and the middle ages. The pages I chose to use the quotes from describe the education and the past of the nursing profession. Choosing the two quotes helps the reader see the facts behind such a profession.
Fulkerson, M. (2016, Aug 25). Increasing enrollment of nursing students. University
Wire Retrieved from
In the article Increasing enrollment of nursing students, Fulkerson summarized
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Journal of Nursing
Scholarship, 37(2), 185-92. Retrieved from
In this article Rambur, B., McIntosh, B., Mary, V. P., & Reinier, K, describe the difference of having an Associate’s Degree versus a Bachelor’s Degree. The authors include the background of how individuals experience their jobs with the education they received. The results in this article lead to show the push for more bachelor degrees because of the positive results in retirement, salary, and in their job overall.
Robins, J. (2013). Safe staffing. Nursing standard (through 2013), 27(49), 25. Retrieved from In the article of Nursing Standard, Robins depicts the importance of nurses at the side of patients. The ratio of patients to nurses is below what it should be, causing the push for several nurses to cover more patients than they can handle. Robins concludes the article to emphasize the need for more nurses in the ratio of patients to

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