Essay about Professional Level Of Nursing Practice

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A) As you observed the professional/registered nurse’s role in this setting, what evidence of a professional level of nursing practice?
The type of setting I was in during my clinical rotation was Acute Rehabilitation. The nurses on the floor all had a very professional mechanism. The use of evidence based practice integrated patient-centered care, working in interdisciplinary teams, integrating research, and quality improvement (Stevens, 2013). These professional nurses displayed characteristics that created this professional mannerism such as being compassionate, advocates for their patients, and being wise.
The nurse displayed compassion and was an advocate when providing patient-centered care. On the unit, there was a patient being discharged who had been there time and time again for different reasons all centered around a head injury. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), patient-centered care is a combination of personal and professional relationships that involves patient and their family in making decisions (Epstein & Street, R. L, 2011). The nurse had been with this lady through the entire hospitalization and, at the end, the healthcare team had decided to get this patient a helmet and all sign it with kind words, signatures, and advice. This helmet was given to her since she had such a weak outer lining of where her head surgery was done. The nurse gave this patient a hug and discussed management techniques, and it was such an…

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