Essay about Professional Development Plan For An Educator

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A professional development plan for an educator is personalized plans that consist of the teacher’s goals, the resources needed, and the expected outcome. Each professional development plan will vary from teacher to teacher, because the plan is based on the specific teacher’s goals. This plan will allow me to put my beliefs and goals in one document. Including a list of all the different theories I have learned and how they will benefit my students. Creating this professional development plan will allow me to set up my goals I tend to accomplish over the next year or so.
I am currently enrolled in a master’s program and the course I am taking requires me to create a professional development plan. Throughout this course “Professional Decision Making”, we have covered many topics that deal with education. This course requires you to research the full concept these topics, and understand how they are related to education, and how they benefit teachers. Some of the topics covered were law, ethics, diversity, learning styles, dispositions, propositions, theories, and philosophies. This course has guided me as a teacher to be prepared in any decision I must make as an educator. I will need this professional development plan to completely finish my master’s program, and receive my Master’s Degree.
After researching the different laws in education, and looking up the different cases that were brought upon the different school districts, I was able to see as an educator I must be…

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