Professional Development Of The District And Staff Essay example

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1. Identify other committees in the district and staff involved in professional development.
• This can be a committee that conducts survey, etc. (20 Points) All faculties (district-level, school administrators, and teachers) of the district are included in ongoing professional development. Professional development occurs at each school site in order to address the individualized needs of staff, computer and/or academic programs, software, etc. that is pertinent to each campus. Professional developments are facilitated by school/district employees, Southwest Mississippi Education Consortium, Mississippi Department of Education, and other educational consultants.

At times, staff (district, school administrators, and staff) will attend recommended professional developments per Mississippi Department of Education. These professional developments are away from the school/district site and occur over a 1-2 day span (e.g. language essentials for teachers of reading and spelling & Mississippi educator and administrator growth system). The lead figures over most of the committees are the deputy superintendent of instruction, Federal Programs and Title IX Dr. Sandra Nash and Ms. Johnnie Thompson who is over business management, and is the purchasing agent for Claiborne county school district for professional development. The lead instructional specialist for Claiborne County School District is Ms. Trena Warren, and the director of instruction is Dr. Nonya Thrasher are also…

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