Professional Development

1. Identify other committees in the district and staff involved in professional development.
• This can be a committee that conducts survey, etc. (20 Points) All faculties (district-level, school administrators, and teachers) of the district are included in ongoing professional development. Professional development occurs at each school site in order to address the individualized needs of staff, computer and/or academic programs, software, etc. that is pertinent to each campus. Professional developments are facilitated by school/district employees, Southwest Mississippi Education Consortium, Mississippi Department of Education, and other educational consultants.

At times, staff (district, school administrators, and staff) will attend
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Discuss information from the surveys, other committees, complaints, etc. that were used to strengthen PD in the district. (20 Points)

Professional development at one of our school sites is a result of need assessment surveys that were conducted via the School Improvement Grant. These professional developments have been strategically plan and implemented in order to address the needs from the aforementioned surveys. Professional development that have been facilitated as a result of the School Improvement Grant include but is not limited to, increased parental involvement, positive behavior intervention system for students, and increased technology.

3. The Need Assessment Outcomes should include the following components: (60 Points)
• District’s definition of student achievement and faculty/staff role in helping students achieve
The district’s definition of student achievement is to provide students with a quality education of instruction, enrichment, intervention, and remediation so that they will achieve at their maximum potential and become independent readers, writers, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and team
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The professional development plan will:
• Provide job-embedded professional development/teacher coaching for instructional staff in the Mississippi College & Career Readiness Standards for English/Language Arts & Mathematics (English I, English II, and Algebra I), literacy across content areas, Biology I, and U.S. History including but not limited to instructional coaching, data coaching, assessment coaching, lesson planning, lesson modeling, differentiated instruction and scaffolding, and identification of resources standards based classrooms, formative assessments, and professional learning communities.
• Provide coaching and modeling on implementing data driven instructional strategies in the core subject

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