Procrastination And Its Effect On My Life Essay

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Oh, how I am absolutely notorious with this.. My bittersweet, guilty pleasure! And at most times completely unaware that I do it or that I 'm subconsciously sabotaging myself to defer whatever it is that I should be doing.
To procrastinate is to delay or postpone action. Some might even use the word lazy to describe someone that has a habit of this. A procrastinator rarely ever does nothing but rather always doing something (little, tedious, time consuming, mostly unimportant things) to avoid doing the more important task that should to be getting completed.
As I ponder about it, I 'm brought to my most recent encounter that occurred just last week. Seeing that procrastinator is my middle name, of course it would happen that the deadline to submit my income taxes arrived and I had yet to have it completed. I called my tax Preparer who readily prepared my paperwork for me to pickup. We set up an appointment for me to meet with her husband to get my documents and yet again I was running late as usual. As I struggle with prioritizing and completing things in a timely manner, I also struggle with being on time. My husband points out how some people put words on their cars making a statement about themselves. He used to always say that he was going to put "Always Late" on my car because it fits me. I would just stare at him blankly every time he 'd say it; I wouldn 't even entertain it and just roll my eyes as I walk away. He on the other hand, practically…

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