Process Standards And Quality Measures Essay

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Process & Quality Measures

Writing Assignment 1 & 2 - Class Three

Shanda Steele

Fall 2016




Operations is defined as an active process or a function. Therefore, there are many ways to operate management operations. For an example, a customer is considered an individual who buys goods from a particular store. Services produced is a business that produces services instead of producing goods to customers. A supplier is a person that provides supplies to a company or individual. In other words, they are the source that provides goods or services to a company that sells the product. All of these operation is helps the primary process flows within a business or an organization. For an example, a college is a place where people attend for educational purposes. Therefore, students are the customers by purchasing a schools intellect for educational advancement. Teachers and college faculty render services to the students to help achieve their educational goals. Although college provides more of a service, things like books are products that are provided to students. Libraries are also provided to assist students with there studies or research purposes. Colleges open at the beginning of the school year, and students are able to register and attend orientation. During the process of students getting their degree, they are tested by instructors to…

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