Problem Solving Theory Essay

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I have chosen the four suggested idea-generated techniques of Brainstorming, Analogy and Cross Fertilization, Futuring and TRIZ to compare. A common thread among them is to go beyond the obvious. All are designed to generate numerous possible solutions to find an acceptable outcome.
The four techniques I selected might best apply in the following situations.
Brainstorming – When a person is having trouble thinking of ideas a group is formed to bounce ideas off each other. An example would be a manufacturer looking for a way to increase production. The management team would form a group to generate ideas. Once an idea is out there, others in the group can either build on it or they can use that suggestion to formulate new thoughts. I
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Once activated, the user will be looking at a virtual computer screen generated by the contact lenses and accessed by wireless devices.
TRIZ – This example is a personal experience. I have boxes of old 8mm movie film that my father shot from the 1930’s to the early 70’s. I wanted to find a way to put them on DVD’s. One option was to show the movie on a screen and record it with a video camera, and then transfer it to a DVD, too much work. There was also the option to send them out and let someone do it for me, too expensive. I then started thinking of some off the wall ideas that turned out to be not so off the wall. My idea was to show the movie directly into a digital camera set on movie mode. I ran into two problems, the image would be reversed and the bright light being so close would burn out the sensor in the camera. I started to search for new ideas on the internet and ran across someone who had expanded on my idea. He reverses a 55mm lens between the projector and the camera. In theory, this reverses the image so it would appear to be the right way but it would also make the light source appear farther away than it actually is, saving the sensor.

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