Essay on Pro and Cons of Uniforms

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From hallways to classrooms and late night chit chats across the phone lines, students gossip about the new policies of enforcing uniforms. Students are puzzled and questioning each other if their sense of fashion really fashionable for school any more. But one student overheard the conversation and decided to write his view in the school article, three useful and life changing ideas that would help with students and parents migrate to uniform. One promotes good discipline which can help decrease the amount of discipline problems. Two, Reduces fighting and violence this can decrease fighting and violence that arise out of arguments over fashionable clothes. Three, the low cost of uniforms is always a plus to put more money in education …show more content…
Also, Uniforms can remove differences of background and class. Wearing the same clothes makes all students feel one or equal to the next. While competing against another student, the competition will be restricted to achieving academic or sports superiority, not who dresses better in a certain outfit. Dress identified cliques are broken and bullying, peer pressure, taunting will decrease. Everyone will have an equal chance of making it to the top. This will instill in the minds of the students that clothes do not matter. Let’s turn our view to reducing fights and violence and opening our minds to the fact that arguments will arise from the subject of trending clothing. Arguments and fights happen every day at a school that your child attends due to clothing. Sad thing is some of the parents and teachers may not know it. Most parents are too busy buying their child what they feel make them “cute” or “manly” or what the child wants but fail to focus their attention on issues and problems the child could be facing. “Just imagine what it would be like if everyone dressed the same. People would no longer be able to alienate and separate people because of what they wore or what brand name their clothes are. School would be a lot happier for some

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