Pro Life Vs Pro Choice Essay

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Pro-life vs. Pro-choice Many people fail to educate themselves on abortions and why some women choose the have them. When they hear the word “abortion”, they immediately think of murder. They imagine the “old fashioned” abortions with a coat hanger, an unsanitary operating room, and a child in the womb being stabbed. These people tend to think that an abortion is only done by promiscuous females, who are just too lazy to take on the full responsibility of raising a child. Abortions aren’t what they seem. In fact, most are done for sane, personal reasons. Being “pro-life” means that you want the government to preserve all of human life regardless of the situation. This is the government having a say in what women do with their body when it comes to having children. …show more content…
They don’t want the government to have the right to tell us what to do with our rights, whether it be with abortions, contraception use, etc. However, being pro-choice generally has a negative reputation. It’s assumed that they want women to terminate pregnancies, they want people to be able to “legally murder”. When in fact, pro-life people are against any type of murder just like pro-choice people, they just believe that women should be able to do what’s best for their life when it comes to their own body. Being pro-choice does not mean you support murder. It’s supporting the mother and father’s choice of wanting a better life for the unborn child. It’s us understanding if a young girl won’t be able to raise a child because she was raped. It’s not meaning we want a family or woman to go through that loss, it’s that they support their decision with understandable reasons. Pro-choice isn’t supporting promiscuous women frequently getting abortions because they don’t practice safe sex. Abortion is not and should never be looked at as a form of contraceptive, or an easy way out of raising a

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