Equal Opportunity In America

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America is often advertised as the "Land of the Free" with "equal opportunities." However, when immigrants arrive, things do not end up in their favor. Instead, the justice system rules out the people of color and favors the White privileged and only brings complications and inconveniences to society. The American Dream is not much of a dream as it is a nightmare for many non-Caucasian individuals.

Generally, most people start at different starting points in life yet, it is often assumed that everyone starts on the same note. Due to this assumption, lots of people believe that the failures of the misfortunate are caused solely by the individuals themselves. When people come to America they believe everyone has equal opportunity
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This activity can make people realize and more aware that not everyone has equal chances that has been constantly proclaimed and advertised in this society. Due to these misconceptions, many people label their failures as "laziness" or "not trying hard enough" while in reality society systematically caused their misfortune and not necessarily the individuals themselves. Because of stereotypes, the ethnic group are never given opportunities to redeem themselves and those who manage to become successful are often brushed off as exceptions. Because of this narrow-mindedness, the ethnic groups are never able to succeed due to the prejudice people hold against them, which cycles into their failures and hence "proves" that their stereotype is as stated. For instance, African Americans are often looked as "untrustworthy" and "criminals" and because they are forced to live in poor areas, they become exposed to criminal activity and the constant presence of suspicion from other races tend to linger, they end up becoming influenced by the criminal acts. They then find themselves in bad situations which then cause people to criminalize the entire race, when its not the individuals who are at fault, but the way the system is set to make them fail from the beginning. This not only proves …show more content…
Instead it 's divided up by race, gender, physical appearance, etc. which only proves that injustices are everywhere regardless of what the media provides as a cover-up of the flaws in societies. The only way to revise and erase the status gaps is by first acknowledging there 's a problem however many people haven 't realized that this poses a problem in society to begin with. Before anything spreading awareness is the first

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